Natural Remedies to Deal with Breath Shortness

a lady taking deep breaths

When you find that you are not able to have the required air, the reason behind it can be major or minor. Know if it’s an emergency and also learn how you can manage it yourself so that you may breathe again.

Signs include difficulty in breathing that happens suddenly and continuous and has an allergic effect that worsens or keeps on after half an hour of rest. If this happens, look for medical assistance. In this article, you will get to learn simple remedies to help you out.


ginger teaGinger tea is another remedy that will be of great help. It is a perfect healer for breath shortness. Ginger tea will help you to cough out mucus. If you can purchase ginger tea, you can then make your concoction from the comfort of your home. You should peel and chop fresh ginger of two spoons then add boiling water of two cups. Let it simmer then strain it and add some honey to taste.

Sit Forward

It’s advisable that when you are not able to breathe well, you should sit in a forward position. It allows the body to have thicker, longer breath than when standing straight Pick a chair and sit and your feet placed flat on the floor, then lie forward. It will be nice if you lay your forehead on the table, which will relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

Take a Deep Belly Breath

I know you might have heard of diaphragmatic breathing before. It assists you to relax and also helps the body from stress. Deep belly breathing helps to lower down your nervous system which is the one that activates the fight response. Put your hand on the belly, and then breathe deeply through your nose. The exhalation should be longer than your inhalation. Repeat for several times.

Purse Your Lips

a man with purse lipsAnother method you can manage breathing shortness is by pursing your lips. Try to relax both your shoulders and neck then breathe in using your nose twice. Then you barely separate your lips then remove out the air slowly and smoothly for four times. It will help in releasing trapped air in your lungs.

Stand Supported

When experiencing difficulty in breathing and you can’t see a place you can sit, the only thing you can do is to lean against a wall or firm support. If you are close to a wall, then it’s the best place you can bend your back against it. By doing this, you will manage to relax your airways and the body.

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Aromatherapy herb


We all like something that smells great – a freshly baked bread, the earthy smell after the rain, or the smell of a fragrant English rose – because it does something to you, it makes you feel good. Aromatherapy utilizes this power of smell on a person by using fragrant essential oils extracted from plants and herbs to treat various ailments and conditions. Below is a list of popular aromatherapy herbs that have been used across the globe for this purpose.

Popular aromatherapy herbs



This herb is so widely used that its name always comes up in lists of anything related to scent and aroma. Lavender is an evergreen herb with silver-green, linear leaves and spikes, and blue or purple flowers. Even though it is mostly known and used for its calming effect, it is used for the treatment of many conditions from acne to depression.


Most varieties of mint are creeping plants and can be quite invasive in a normal garden. They have purple flowers and textured leaves that smell of spearmint. The extract of this herb is used for treating a large number of ailments like skin diseases, asthma and cough, dyspepsia and flatulence, nausea and migraine, and other conditions the list of which would fill this page.


The antiseptic, antioxidant properties of rosemary leaves have always been beneficially used for a long time. They have green, fragrant, needle-shaped leaves and blue flowers. The use of rosemary in aromatherapy includes for treatment of skin diseases, muscular pain, poor blood circulation, colds, headaches, infections, etc.


Thyme has, among its many uses, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. It also has scientifically proven immune-boosting ability. Considered a good lung-cleansing agent, it is also used to treat coughs. It relieves headaches and you can even use thyme for getting rid of your hangover.


These sweet-smelling herbs with white flowers are well-known for their sedative effects and used to make tea to help induce sleep. The extracts also have great soothing properties and are used for treating skin rashes. The essential oil of chamomile is also used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent.


Inhaling the essential oil extract of basil helps refresh the mind and improves concentration. They are also used for treating depression and for easing severe headaches, as well as to aid digestion.


The essential oil is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the marjoram. The oil is generally used as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic agent. They are also used for treating chilblains, insomnia and stress-induced nervous tension.


Cypress is an evergreen tree with small, dark green leaves and characteristic brown bark. The essential oil is distilled from its leaves and cones. It is used in skin care, treatment of menopausal conditions, improvement of blood circulation, and as an astringent.


This citrus-fruit-bearing plant is often confused with bergamot mint. The oil of bergamot is used as an anti-depressant and as an anti-parasitic agent for treatment of insect bites and infectious diseases.


3The cardamom tree bears flowers with seeds from which the essential oil is extracted. The seeds themselves are very expensive as spices. They are widely used to treat nausea, coughs, headaches and as a digestive tonic. They are also used as an aphrodisiac.

The list above is only a small fraction of the total number of aromatherapy herbs known to man. The benefits of each plant can be as varied as the herbs themselves and recognize each plant is not an easy task for anyone. Fortunately, the extracts and essential oils are available in the market. So, if you want to try and enjoy the benefits of these aromatherapy herbs, you can easily do so, starting with a visit to the neighborhood market with the list we have compiled for you.

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Restoring your body after giving birth


Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It is a wonderful gift. However, women who get pregnant and give birth, whether it be normal delivery or caesarean section, have to go through a lot of changes in their bodies.

If you are a new mother and you look at yourself in the mirror, you are most likely to see weight gain and changes in the shape of your body. These are normal effects of pregnancy, and the good thing is, you can easily get back in shape if you do something about it.

Is it possible to restore your body after childbirth?

Like what was mentioned above, it is very much possible to restore your body after you have delivered your baby. But then, you should exert effort as this can be a challenging task. You need to follow a special regimen that involves postnatal exercises as well as proper diet.


Here are useful tips on how you can get your figure back after having a baby:

Postnatal exercise

Postnatal exercise is a workout routine that is specially designed for women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth. The major goal is to restore their bodies and get rid of the extra weight that has been put on during the pregnancy.

New moms are usually faced with health issues like weight gain, weakened pelvic muscles, and chronic back pain. But with proper postnatal exercises and doing them on a regular basis, there is no doubt that you will be able to get back in shape in no time.

Strengthening pelvic muscles

One great example of an exercise that can definitely strengthen the pelvic muscles is the so-called Kegel Exercises. All you need to do is to contract and release your hold to your Kegel’s muscles. You should do this with a few seconds of interval.

This type of workout is very effective in strengthening your vaginal walls and muscles. Hence it can help make your vagina tighter. Read on for more vaginal tightening tips.



To treat chronic back pain that has been alleviated when you are pregnant, you should do stretching too. This will get rid of the pain on your spine and back entirely.

Proper diet

Another way to eliminate the weight that you have put on is to monitor your food consumption. Make sure that you are eating healthy meals especially if you are breastfeeding. Do not settle for fast foods. Instead, cook your meals at home so you can ensure that it is suitable for your weight loss regime.

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Green Vegetable Diet


Green vegetables are necessary for one’s diet. Having a healthy lifestyle includes eating green vegetables. If you want to be fit, eat a whole bunch of these every day. They may not be everyone’s favourite food, but they sure are more nutritious than another kind of foods. They are also cheap and convenient since you can grow them in your yard. You ask yourself why it is so important to eat green vegetables daily.

Benefits of a green vegetable diet

A source of vitamin and minerals

It is so important to eat green vegetables daily because they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. Green, leafy gfghfghfhfhgfhvegetables prevent certain diseases, like cancer, because of their antioxidant effects. They also prevent cardiac problems, since they are low in fat.They also have a good supply of omega three fatty acids, which are good for the heart. Vegetables are high in dietary fibre, which prevents constipation and increases metabolism. Thus, vegetables decrease the mortality rate of the average consumer.

Good for our skin

One of the many reasons why it is vital to eat green vegetables daily is because they are good for our skin. The antioxidant effect of the Vitamin E protects our skin cells from harmful radicals. It also helps prevent acne, which is a problem for most teenagers.

Regulating weight

Green vegetables are also good for those who are managing their weight. Since they contain lower amounts of fat and calorie, they help keep your body in perfect shape. Combined with exercise, they are also a good alternative for your high caloric foods when you are on a diet. You can eat these without worrying about how well you will do in your workplace because they improve your energy level.

Prevent visual impairment

ghfghfghffgfgffdsghfdhIncreasing your child’s dietary intake of green vegetables helps prevent visual impairment since they contain beta carotene and Vitamin A. They reduce the risk for night blindness which is the primary effect of Vitamin A deficiency. They also improve your visual acuity, thus lowering the risk of early macular degeneration.

These are the reasons why it is so important to eat green vegetables in your diet. It is the source of most nutrients that your body needs, although they are some of the under-consumed foods. If you cannot stand eating these, think of all the benefits that you can experience if you consume them daily. Most of all, think of the time that you add to your life to enjoy many great things. Eating these saves you a lot of money that you can spend for your long and healthy life.

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Health Benefits Of Sleep


Nowadays, most people are considering sleep as a luxury, especially adults. That is why many are not getting enough sleep because they normally set their work as their top priority and put sleep in the last of their list. They think that the little sleep they had, the better it is for them because they believe that time is being wasted when they are sleeping.

But research shows that if you want to be healthy, having a quality sleep is crucial. Depriving yourself of sleep will affect your entire mind and body. Having enough sleep helps the mind and body in so many ways such as not being drowsy in daytime, having better concentration, not irritable, better balance and better productivity.

Health benefits of having proper sleep

Immune system

If you had tried working all day without sleep or just try watching TV for 24 hours, you will see yourself gghghjghjgfhgfhjgfhgjkhgkweaker the next morning or sometimes you will even find yourself with a cold. It is not a coincidence. This happens because
sufficient sleep is vital to our immune system. Depriving yourself of it makes our bodies vulnerable to disease and infections.

Nervous system

This also helps repair and restore our neurons. Neurons are passages of our nervous system where both of our voluntary and involuntary commands are carried out. Optional commands include moving your arms, feet, and head. Automatic controls, on the other hand, include breathing and the process of digestion.


The ability to focus and concentrate is strengthened after the body and mind are rested during sleep. The brain ghfghfdghfdghgfhjgfhjgfkjgjkgcontinues to work in rest by organizing and consolidating the various sensory impressions received during the day in the form of memory.Sleep does a lot more than just keep you skinny and uninterested in food. It also helps to maintain your emotional stability.

You would know that the sleep you had is not enough if you had slept for less than 8 hours. If you suffer from sleep deprivation (sleep of less than 8 hours), you would probably experience the difficulty of waking up in the morning, poor job performance and feeling moody or being easily irritated all day.

There are many problems caused by lack of sleep such as the increase in blood pressure and cholesterol levels causing an increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, obesity, and susceptibility to infections. Many days of going without sleep cause hallucinations and other mental problems.

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