Natural Remedies to Deal with Breath Shortness

a lady taking deep breaths

When you find that you are not able to have the required air, the reason behind it can be major or minor. Know if it’s an emergency and also learn how you can manage it yourself so that you may breathe again.

Signs include difficulty in breathing that happens suddenly and continuous and has an allergic effect that worsens or keeps on after half an hour of rest. If this happens, look for medical assistance. In this article, you will get to learn simple remedies to help you out.


ginger teaGinger tea is another remedy that will be of great help. It is a perfect healer for breath shortness. Ginger tea will help you to cough out mucus. If you can purchase ginger tea, you can then make your concoction from the comfort of your home. You should peel and chop fresh ginger of two spoons then add boiling water of two cups. Let it simmer then strain it and add some honey to taste.

Sit Forward

It’s advisable that when you are not able to breathe well, you should sit in a forward position. It allows the body to have thicker, longer breath than when standing straight Pick a chair and sit and your feet placed flat on the floor, then lie forward. It will be nice if you lay your forehead on the table, which will relax your shoulder and neck muscles.

Take a Deep Belly Breath

I know you might have heard of diaphragmatic breathing before. It assists you to relax and also helps the body from stress. Deep belly breathing helps to lower down your nervous system which is the one that activates the fight response. Put your hand on the belly, and then breathe deeply through your nose. The exhalation should be longer than your inhalation. Repeat for several times.

Purse Your Lips

a man with purse lipsAnother method you can manage breathing shortness is by pursing your lips. Try to relax both your shoulders and neck then breathe in using your nose twice. Then you barely separate your lips then remove out the air slowly and smoothly for four times. It will help in releasing trapped air in your lungs.

Stand Supported

When experiencing difficulty in breathing and you can’t see a place you can sit, the only thing you can do is to lean against a wall or firm support. If you are close to a wall, then it’s the best place you can bend your back against it. By doing this, you will manage to relax your airways and the body.

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