Having a baby is a life-changing experience. It is a wonderful gift. However, women who get pregnant and give birth, whether it be normal delivery or caesarean section, have to go through a lot of changes in their bodies.

If you are a new mother and you look at yourself in the mirror, you are most likely to see weight gain and changes in the shape of your body. These are normal effects of pregnancy, and the good thing is, you can easily get back in shape if you do something about it.

Is it possible to restore your body after childbirth?

Like what was mentioned above, it is very much possible to restore your body after you have delivered your baby. But then, you should exert effort as this can be a challenging task. You need to follow a special regimen that involves postnatal exercises as well as proper diet.


Here are useful tips on how you can get your figure back after having a baby:

Postnatal exercise

Postnatal exercise is a workout routine that is specially designed for women who have undergone pregnancy and childbirth. The major goal is to restore their bodies and get rid of the extra weight that has been put on during the pregnancy.

New moms are usually faced with health issues like weight gain, weakened pelvic muscles, and chronic back pain. But with proper postnatal exercises and doing them on a regular basis, there is no doubt that you will be able to get back in shape in no time.

Strengthening pelvic muscles

One great example of an exercise that can definitely strengthen the pelvic muscles is the so-called Kegel Exercises. All you need to do is to contract and release your hold to your Kegel’s muscles. You should do this with a few seconds of interval.

This type of workout is very effective in strengthening your vaginal walls and muscles. Hence it can help make your vagina tighter. Read on for more vaginal tightening tips.



To treat chronic back pain that has been alleviated when you are pregnant, you should do stretching too. This will get rid of the pain on your spine and back entirely.

Proper diet

Another way to eliminate the weight that you have put on is to monitor your food consumption. Make sure that you are eating healthy meals especially if you are breastfeeding. Do not settle for fast foods. Instead, cook your meals at home so you can ensure that it is suitable for your weight loss regime.